Banbury Constituency Labour Party

George Parish retires as District Councillor

George Parish, the longest-serving Labour Councillor on Cherwell District Council and former Mayor of Banbury and Chair of the District Council,  has resigned from the District Council.
George Parish said “After 20 years on the District Council, I feel it is time to take a rest, but I am staying on the Town Council.”
Councillor Parish, well known for his role as a leading member of the Save the Horton campaign, was re-elected as a Councillor for Ruscote Ward in 2010.
Speaking on behalf of Banbury Labour Party,  Councillor Andy Beere said “George Parish has always fought for the interests of people living in the Ruscote Ward and Banbury as a whole. He will be a very difficult act to follow, but I am sure that Gordon Ross, the Labour candidate to be his successor as a District Councillor, will live up to George’s high standard.  Gordon has already proved himself as a very active and effective representative of Ruscote on the Town Council.”
A Byelection will take place on 15 November at the same time as the election of a Police and Crime Commissioner.
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