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Simple solution gives residents living around the Windrush Play Area in Banbury some peace and quiet

L to r: Maria Harding, Cllr Surinder Dhesi, Sheila Snooks and Paul Clare.

With the help Surinder Dhesi, our local Labour Councillor, and Banbury Town Council, residents living around the Windrush Play Area in Neithrop believe their problems with anti-social behaviour might be a thing of the past.

Two park benches situated only fifteen feet from residents’ front doors became a social gathering spot for young people. Danesmoor resident Paul Clare said, “During the heat of the summer months I had to close all my windows because of the noise, and this has been going on for as long as I’ve lived here, that’s over thirty years.

My neighbour took some photos and passed them to our local Councillor Surinder Dhesi who raised the issue with Banbury Town Council and they agreed to move the benches to the far end of the park away from any houses.

Resident Sheila Snooks said, “This was done last year but again the siting of the benches directly facing the footpath meant that many of us walking our dogs suffered abuse as we passed in front of the people hanging around the newly sited benches.”

Surinder Dhesi, Labour Councillor for Neithrop, said, “I approached the Town Council again and a couple of weeks ago they moved the benches so that they faced inwards to the park with the footpath behind. This simple manoeuvre meant that people using the footpath could now do so unhindered.

Fingers crossed, we seemed to have sorted the problem. Nobody is against young people having fun but they have to be considerate of their neighbours.

If anyone has any problems of this nature they should always ring the non-emergency police number – 101. Calls are logged and if a pattern develops the local police will take action. In addition we have a three-monthly liaison meeting with the police at a local Community Forum which any resident is welcome to attend.”

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