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“This could well be the most important election for a generation” – Sean Woodcock, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Banbury & Bicester

Sean Woodcock at Overthorpe GE2017

“This could well be the most important election for a generation. But this election is not, despite what the Prime Minister says, about Brexit. The referendum last year decided that.

No, this election matters because it is about what sort of country we build for our future outside the EU.

The challenges facing us are immense.

An ageing population with a social care system in crisis. A generation of young people who for the first time in a century are worse off than their parents; insecure employment, unaffordable housing and your life chances decided early because of where you live, what your parents do for a living or whom you know.

Then there is regional inequality, even within Oxfordshire, as investment is directed increasingly towards the cities and away from towns like Banbury.

Do we go forward with a PM in Theresa May who is only interested in sound bites and U-turns? Do we elect an MP who puts the party line before the people of Banbury? Or do we go with something different?

I was born in Banbury. I went to The Warriner School. I am proud of this area and its history and I have dedicated my life to tackling issues that matter to people here: the Horton Hospital, jobs, housing and education.

As your MP I will stand up for local people; for decent homes, more teachers, smaller class sizes, a properly equipped Horton Hospital and properly funded social care for our elderly. I will fight for local jobs and opportunities.

As we leave the European Union, we need a Member of Parliament who puts our local economy and people’s livelihoods first.

That’s why I am standing to be your MP. Please support me on 8th June.”

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