Banbury Constituency Labour Party


A Message from Sean Woodcock, our Parliamentary Candidate

Sean Woodcock at Banbury Cross GE2017

Our constituency, like our country, stands at a crossroads.

The choice is simple.

On the one hand: more of the same from Victoria Prentis and Theresa May’s increasingly right wing Conservative party.
On the other: hope.

A conservative government will strip the assets of our NHS. Our Horton hospital is at risk. Victoria, I know, wants to protect that hospital. We all do. We all do. If there is one thing that people in our town are passionate about it is that. We all want to save the Horton.

The Conservative party though are committed to following the recommendations of the Naylor Report, which proposes that trusts sell off as much of their land and assets as they can to developers in order to generate income. That is not a viable solution, not for our town and not for our country. There might not be much of the NHS left after another five years of the Conservatives, but it is almost certain that under them we will lose our Horton hospital as we know and love it now.

That matters to me.

I am standing in this election to help save our hospital.

I am standing in this election because under the Conservatives, funding for education has decreased significantly in our constituency, while at the same time the government has given tax breaks for millionaires.

I’m standing in this election because although as a constituency we are wealthy, more and more people in our town and villages are dependent on food banks.

I’m standing because I want to give a voice to all those who have been overlooked, to all those who have been ignored, all those who the system always seems rigged against.

I’m standing because I believe that the people of this constituency should be represented by someone who will look out for everyone, rather than just the privileged few.

I’m standing because I think the world could be better than this.

If you’re with me, I need your help. We all have to work together to make this work.

The first bit’s easy: vote. Vote for a better world. Vote for hope. Vote Labour.

The second bit’s harder. Our constituency is full of people who have given up on hope; who think voting in this safe Tory seat is a waste of time or who are unsure as to how to make a difference. We need to get the message to them.

If you can, share this post. Whoever you are: you can make a difference. There will be people who might read this message when you post it and who might regain that hope.

This is our only chance. We have until ten o’clock tonight to make a difference.

Together, let’s show that we are all willing to stand up for what we believe.

Vote Labour. Share this with your friends. Spread the message.

Vote Labour. For the many, not the few.


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