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Tony Baldry MP supports gagging law despite 200,000 signature petition

Picture courtesy Banbury Guardian

Picture courtesy Banbury Guardian

Banbury’s Conservative MP Sir Tony Baldry, seen here opening new offices for the security group G4S (the ones who messed up their Olympic Games security contract and have been investigated over alleged fraudulent invoices for tagging prisoners), supports a proposed Government Bill which many believe is a threat to democracy and freedom of speech.

Members of Banbury CLP were present in December 2013 when the petition was handed to Baldry but he remains adamant in his support for the Bill.

The Bill prevents anyone, other than politicians, from campaigning for policies or any political party in the year before a general election. Blogger Guido Fawkes says the proposed law is undemocratic and that campaigners should be able to lobby and campaign as they wish. “It’s not quite like Putin’s Russia”, he says, “but heading in that direction.”

The Bill doesn’t affect the big multinationals like Tesco or G4S who will be able to continue to influence government in the way they have been used to, or the activities of the majority of professional lobbyists for whom the Bill was originally intended.

 See 5 min video from 38 Degrees explaining the Bill

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