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With a General Election looming please make sure you are registered to vote and encourage any Labour supporters to do likewise, especially students.

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STUDENTS! YOU ARE ALLOWED TO REGISTER TWICE: once at home, AND once at your uni address. You are allowed to vote in BOTH places in LOCAL elections. You are allowed to vote in ONE place in NATIONAL elections, but you can CHOOSE WHICH at the last minute.

Stand Up For Labour – Joint fundraiser with Witney CLP a great night

Thursday September 5 at Chipping Norton Town Hall

Many thanks to compere Crispin Flintoff and the performers: Owen Collins, Njambi McGrath and Patrick Monahan.

Congratulations to Suzette Watson who has been selected as our Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the next General Election.

Suzette said, “I’m humbled and so thrilled to have been selected as Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Banbury, Bicester and our villages. We are going to fight with all our passion and strength to get the Tories out of office.

We will be working together across the constituency to connect with and reach out to every voter.

When people know about our brilliant Labour Party policies they’ll love them; policies, which will transform our communities, and give our people back the services they deserve and need to thrive.

Thank you so much to everyone who took part in the selection process- it truly was a whirlwind!”

The Banbury Labour Party constituency is divided into 3 Branches:

  • Banbury Town
  • Bicester & District
  • North Oxfordshire Villages

To work out in which Branch you live, see the constituency map.Since May 2010 your local Labour Party has been actively campaigning against the speed and scale of cuts to public services that are affecting the most vulnerable in our local communities. These include cuts to housing, transport services, policing, libraries, health and social care.The Conservative-led Coalition cuts go too far and too fast and, through increased unemployment, low paid jobs, many with zero hour contracts, there is a highly negative effect on the economy which although showing some small signs of recovery is still extremely fragile. There are almost a million young people unemployed which is a shocking statistic. As the burden on state services from cost of living crisis increases, the budget deficit becomes harder to reduce. The Banbury Labour Party is fighting for a strategy for growth, an increase in employment and better paid jobs, and reducing the deficit through this growth, rather than excessive cuts.