Banbury Constituency Labour Party

2016 Cherwell District Council, Town and Parish Council results

Adderbury, Bloxham and Bodicote Ward

Name Party Votes
  Mike Bishop   Conservative  (3Y term) 1312
  John Christie   Labour 422
  Susan Christie   Labour 444
  Peter Davies   Liberal Democrats 364
  Shaun Greenslade-Hibbert   The Green Party 451
  John Haywood   The Green Party 484
  Chris Heath   Conservative  (4Y term) 1321
  Matt Johnson   Labour 390
  Naomi Kanetsuka   The Green Party 573
  Nigel Randall   Conservative  (2Y term) 1294

Electorate: 6,933               Total votes cast:  2,630                      Turnout:  37.93%

 Banbury Calthorpe & Easington Ward

Name Party Votes
  Mike Beal   Labour 786
  Colin Clarke   Conservative (3Y term) 1,332
  Derek Evans   Labour 686
  Dawn Gosling   The Green Party 425
  Janice Johnson   Liberal Democrats 286
  Kieron Mallon   Conservative  (4Y term) 1,359
  Nigel Morris   Conservative (2Y term) 1,248
  Jane Rogers   Labour 700

Electorate: 7,101              Total votes cast:  2,685                        Turnout: 37.81%

Banbury Cross & Neithrop Ward

Name Party Votes
  Hannah Banfield   Labour  (3Y term) 1188
  Surinder Dhesi   Labour  (4Y term) 1247
  Bernard Dod   The Green Party 485
  Andrew McHugh   Conservative 731
  Alastair Milne-Home   Conservative  (2Y term) 880
  Nick Poole   Conservative 729
  Sonny Sidhu   Labour 832

Electorate: 7,428           Total votes cast:   2,487                    Turnout: 33.48%

Banbury Grimsbury & Hightown Ward

Name Party Votes
  Kenneth Ashworth   Liberal Democrats 213
  Jack Barton   The Green Party 284
  Andrew Beere   Labour (4Y term) 966
  Claire Bell   Labour  (3Y term) 930
  Nick Harrison   Conservative 621
  Shaida Hussain   Labour  (2Y term) 801
  Tony Mepham   Conservative 740
  Dave Wiles   Liberal Democrats 156
  Jason Williams   UKIP 344
  Gary Wills   Conservative 611

Electorate: 7,509                       Total votes cast: 2,303       Turnout: 30.67%

Banbury Hardwick Ward

Name Party Votes
  Andrew Aris   The Green Party 246
  Anthony Burns    Liberal Democrats 225
  Anne Davis   Labour 504
  John Donaldson   Conservative  (4Y term) 689
  Mary Evans Young   Labour 532
  Henry Goodman   Labour 447
  Ian Hackford   UKIP 368
  Tony Ilott   Conservative  (2Y term) 633
  Nicholas Turner   Conservative  (3Y term) 638

Electorate:  6,255              Total votes cast:   1,686            Turnout: 26.95%

Banbury Ruscote

Name Party Votes
  Mark Cherry   Labour  (4Y term) 1105
  Christopher Manley   The Green Party 221
  Barry Richards   Labour  (2Y term) 905
  Stuart Robbins   Conservative 500
  Nicola Smith   Conservative 400
  Pat Tompson   Conservative 404
  Sean Woodcock   Labour  (3Y term) 924
  Linda Wren   UKIP 436

Electorate: 6,919                  Total votes cast:   1,929      Turnout:  27.88%   

Bicester East Ward

Name Party Votes
  Marcus English   Labour 728
  Sean Gaul   Conservative  (4Y term) 1002
  Sarah Haydon   Labour 803
  Richard Mould   Conservative (3Y term) 913
  Nicholas Roesen   The Green Party 379
  Steven Sargeant   Labour 665
  Tom Wallis   Conservative (2Y term) 830

Electorate: 6,561             Total votes cast:   2,062               Turnout:  31.43%

Bicester North & Caversfield Ward

Name Party Votes
  Derek Colden   UKIP 364
  Margaret Lyon   Labour 518
  Peter Lyon   Labour 447
  Nicholas Mawer   Conservative  (2Y term) 790
  Ian Middleton   The Green Party 296
  Lynn Pratt   Conservative  (4Y term) 804
  Marc Rufus   Labour 360
  Jason Slaymaker   Conservative  (3Y term) 797

Electorate: 6,068             Total votes cast: 1,680                       Turnout:  27.69%

Bicester South & Ambrosden Ward

Name Party Votes
  David Anderson   Conservative  (3Y term) 877
  Glyn Austin   Labour 445
  Dickie Bird   UKIP 366
  Norman Bolster   Conservative 693
  Nick Cotter   Independent  (2Y term) 818
  Christopher Howells   Labour 449
  Michael Nixon   Labour 323
  Roger Nixon   The Green Party 381
  Dan Sames   Conservative  (4Y term) 889

Electorate: 6,672                   Total votes cast:   2,081        Turnout:  31.19

Bicester West

Name Party Votes
  Alan Hasted   Independent 463
  Sylvia Howells   Labour 450
  Harry Knight   Independent 495
  Jolanta Lis   Conservative  (2Y term) 509
  Bob Massingham   UKIP 453
  Fiona Mawson   The Green Party 194
  Stuart Moss   Labour 464
  Debbie Pickford   Conservative  (3Y term) 662
  Les Sibley   Independent  (4Y term) 1,612
  Matt Snape   Conservative 484
  Steven Uttley   Labour 331

Electorate: 6,905                   Total votes cast:  2,422                  Turnout:   35.08%

 Cropredy, Sibfords & Wroxton Ward

Name Party Votes
  Ken Atack   Conservative  (3Y term) 1513
  Anne Cullen   Labour 581
  Non Kinchin-Smith   The Green Party 477
  Perran Moon   Labour 478
  Susan Moon   Labour 525
  George Reynolds   Conservative  (4Y term) 1,623
  Douglas Webb   Conservative  (2Y term) 1,389
  Markus Wise   UKIP 384

Electorate: 6,656                    Total votes cast:   2,745        Turnout: 41.24%

Deddington Ward

Name Party Votes
  Aaron Bliss   The Green Party 684
  Alasdair Brown   Labour 654
  Hugo Brown   Conservative  (3Y term) 1,573
  Aubrey Ellis   UKIP 408
  Polly Foster   Labour 462
  Mike Kerford-Byrnes   Conservative  (2Y term) 1,460
  Annette Murphy   Labour 618
  Bryn Williams   Conservative  (4Y term) 1,725

Electorate: 7,357                   Total votes cast:   2,968                    Turnout:  40.34%

Fringfords & Heyfords Ward

Name Party Votes
  Ian Corkin   Conservative  (3Y term) 1220
  Sara Corr   UKIP 360
  Sheila Haydon   Labour 400
  Lee Isaacs   Labour 314
  James Macnamara   Conservative  (4Y term) 1249
  Gareth Richard   Labour 296
  Jenny Tamblyn   The Green Party 412
  Graham Wilson   The Green Party 290
  Barry Wood   Conservative  (2Y term) 1190

Electorate: 5,933                    Total votes cast:   2,241               Turnout:  37.77%

Kidlington East Ward

Name Party Votes
  Catharine Arakelian   Labour 642
  Maurice Billington   Conservative (4Y term) 1,606
  Carmen Griffiths   Conservative  (2Y term)1,188
  Andrew Hornsby-Smith   Labour 614
  Michael Jones   The Green Party 224
  Paul Mackilligin   The Green Party 206
  Neil Prestidge   Conservative (3Y term) 1,232
  Alison Street   Liberal Democrats 457
  David Thurling   Liberal Democrats 331
  Janet Warren   Labour 554
  Tracey Wyse   Liberal Democrats 331

Electorate: 7,543                    Total votes cast:  2,763             Turnout:  36.63%

Kidlington West Ward

Name Party Votes
  Joe Claxton   Liberal Democrats 820
  Heather Firkin   UKIP 389
  Dawn Glatz   Liberal Democrats 832
  Alan Mackenzie-Wintle   Conservative  (3Y term) 1,011
  Sandra Rhodes   Conservative (4Y term) 1,071
  Chris Robins   Labour 517
  Nigel Simpson   Conservative  (2Y term) 948
  John Stansby   Labour 442
  Michael Taylor   Labour 411
  Rita White   The Green Party 311
  Doug Williamson   Liberal Democrats 857

Electorate: 7,254                  Total votes cast:   2,764                  Turnout: 38.10%

Launton & Otmoor Ward

Name Party Votes
  Graham Carey   Labour 524
  Catherine Chester   Labour 610
  Tim Emptage   Liberal Democrats 375
  Paul Genge   The Green Party 450
  Tim Hallchurch   Conservative (3Y term) 947
  Alan Harris   UKIP 394
  Mike Hobbs   Labour 459
  Simon Holland   Conservative  (4Y term) 1,006
  David Hughes   Conservative  (2Y term) 936

Electorate: 6,241            Total votes cast:   2,249      Turnout:   36.04%  


Banbury Town Council -Calthorpe North Ward

Name Party Votes
  Bernard Dod   The Green Party 68
  Nick Harrison   Conservative  (E) 258
  Joseph Walsh   Labour 152

Electorate: 1277               Total votes cast:                      Turnout:  38.14

 Banbury Town Council – Calthorpe South Ward

Name Party Votes
  Colin Clarke   Conservative  (E) 481
  Jane Hamel   The Green Party 120
  Simon Hartwell   Labour 246
  Nigel Morris   Conservative  (E) 459
  Philip Richards   Labour 209

Electorate: 2688              Total votes cast:                            Turnout: 32.04

Banbury Town Council – Easington North Ward

Name Party Votes
  Dawn Gosling   The Green Party 36
  Sonny Sidhu   Labour 46
  Tina Wren   Conservative  (E) 68

Electorate: 399                                           Total votes cast:                            Turnout

Banbury Town Council – Easington South Ward

Name Party Votes
  Mike Beal   Labour 505
  John Colegrave   Conservative  (E) 839
  Non Kinchin-Smith   The Green Party 263
  Keiron Mallon   Conservative (E) 868
  Jane Rogers   Labour 432

Electorate:    4089                                Total votes cast:                                    Turnout: 41.23

Banbury Town Council – Grimsbury Ward

Name Party Votes
  Kenneth Ashword   Liberal Democrat 165
  Jack Barton   The Green Party 263
  Andrew Beere   Labour  (E) 812
  Claire Bell   Labour  (E) 790
  Shaida Hussain   Labour  (E) 723
  Azmet Khaliq   Conservative 440
  Tony Mepham   Conservative 570
  Dave Wiles   Liberal Democrats 209
  Gary Wills   Conservative 490

Electorate: 6232          Total votes cast:                            Turnout:

Banbury Town Council – Hardwick East Ward

Name Party Votes
  Arash Fatemian   Conservative  (E) 6
  Ros Jones   Labour 1

Electorate: 13                       Total votes cast:        Turnout:

Banbury Town Council – Hardwick West Ward

Name Party Votes
  Jez Denton   Labour 660
  John Donaldson   Conservative  (E) 775
  Lucy Donaldson   Conservative  (E) 756
  Mary Evans Young   Labour 665
  Henry Goodman   Labour 608
  Tony Ilott   Conservative  (E) 716
  Steve Molloy   Labour 593
  Nicholas Turner   Conservative  (E) 733

Electorate: 6242                  Total votes cast:               Turnout: 26.79

Banbury Town Council – Neithrop North Ward

Name Party Votes
  Ruth Aris   The Green Party 98
  Surinder Dhesi   Labour  (E) 447
  Andrew McHugh   Conservative 244

Electorate: 2544                    Total votes cast:        Turnout:

Banbury Town Council – Neithrop South Ward  31.09

Name Party Votes
  Andrew Aris   The Green Party 158
  Derek Evans   Labour 340
  Alistair Milne-Home   Conservative  (E) 368

Electorate: 2462             Total votes cast:                      Turnout:

Banbury Town Council – Park Road Ward

Name Party Votes
  John Haywood   The Green Party 50
  Steve Kilsby   Labour  (E) 167
  Douglas Webb   Conservative 71

Electorate: 531              Total votes cast:                            Turnout:  36.17

Banbury Town Council – Ruscote Ward

Name Party Votes
  Mark Cherry   Labour  (E) 1243
  Barry Richards   Labour  (E) 1051
  Isabel Rimmer   Conservative 483
  Stuart Robbins   Conservative 504
  Gordon Ross   Labour  (E) 1002
  Nicola Smith   Conservative 473
  Pat Tompson   Conservative 498
  Sean Woodcock   Labour  (E) 1043

Electorate: 6919                 Total votes cast:                   Turnout:

Banbury Town Council – Town Centre Ward

Name Party Votes
  Hannah Banfield   Labour  (E) 287
  Nick Poole   Conservative 233

Electorate: 1623                  Total votes cast:                  Turnout:

 Bicester Town Council – East Ward

Name Party Votes
  Sean Gaul   Conservative  (E) 723
  Sarah Haydon   Labour 581

Electorate: 4503                     Total votes cast:                   Turnout: 29.54

 Bicester Town Council – South East Ward

Name Party Votes
 David Anderson   Conservative  (E) 697
  Christopher Howells   Labour 332
  Roger Nixon   The Green Party 250

Electorate: 3910                 Total votes cast:                       Turnout: 32.79

Kidlington Parish Council – Dogwood Ward

Name Party Votes
James Leake   Conservative  (E) 338
Ian Middleton   The Green Party 74
  Christopher Pack   Liberal Democrats 171
  Chris Robins   Labour 254

Electorate: 2373                   Total votes cast:                     Turnout: 35.78%

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