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Banbury and Bicester Labour Party sees 200% surge in membership mirroring national trend

Although Banbury & Bicester Labour Party has a minority of councillors on Cherwell District Council, membership of the local Labour Party has soared since the general election in May.

Following the General Election, Banbury and Bicester Labour Party’s membership and registered supporters have increased by 200%.

Henry Goodman_02

Henry Goodman

Henry Goodman, Membership Secretary of the local Labour Party, said, “This is unprecedented and it’s not just the Corbyn effect. It’s as though the Conservative’s General Election victory has lit a touch paper and motivated people who have never been members of a political party, to get involved and make their voices heard – they are worried and angry at the Tory government’s austerity policies and their ideological desire to decimate public services. What is especially encouraging is the number of young people who have joined Labour.”

Nationally, Labour’s membership increased by 15,500 in the 24 hours after Jeremy Corbyn’s victory in the leadership contest. The party’s electorate increased from 187,000 before the general election to a total of 553,954 by the deadline day of 12 August. By then, Labour had 292,973 full members, 148,182 signed up as affiliates through trade unions, as well as 112,799 registered members who had paid £3.

Henry Goodman continued, “There is a local council by-election in Grimsbury on 1st October which will be an interesting litmus test of public opinion.”

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