Banbury Constituency Labour Party

Banbury & Bicester Labour Party – Local Election Results 2018

Cassi Perry

Headlines … Cassi Perry wins Banbury Cross and Neithrop, Shaida Hussain (Banbury Grimsbury and Hightown) and Barry Richards (Banbury Ruscote) are re-elected, Perran Moon (Banbury Hardwick) 140 votes short of victory. Suzette Watson doubles our vote in Adderbury, Bloxham and Bodicote.

Candidate Party Votes Elected
DOD, Bernard Geoffrey Green 155
MELLING, Bette Liberal Democrat 152
MILNE-HOME, Alastair John Conservative 883
PERRY, Cassi Labour and Co-Operative 1225 Elected

Electorate: 5,919

Ballot papers Issued: 2,424

Turnout: 35.5%

Candidate Party Votes Elected
BEVERLY, David Frederick Conservative 849
HUSSAIN, Shaida Labour and Co-Operative 1098 Elected
VERE, Liz Green 153
WILES, David Brian Liberal Democrat 114

Electorate: 6,119

Ballot papers Issued: 2,232

Turnout: 32.57%

Candidate Party Votes Elected
CUMBERBATCH, Simmi Green 182
ILOTT, Tony Conservative 918 Elected
MOON, Perran Henry Rupert Labour and Co-Operative 778

Electorate: 5,335

Ballot papers Issued: 1,883

Turnout: 30.88%

Candidate Party Votes Elected
PHILLIPS, Chris Conservative 580
RICHARDS, Barry Keir Labour and Co-Operative 1033 Elected
WHITE, Rita Rosa Victoria Green 107

Electorate: 5,369

Ballot papers Issued: 1,728

Turnout: 27.87%

Candidate Party Votes Elected
FERRARA, Antonio Oliver Joseph Labour 758
HAMEL, Jane Beatrix Green 169
JACKSON, Brent Liberal Democrat 158
MEPHAM, Tony Conservative 1447

Electorate: 6,319

Ballot papers Issued: 2,544

Turnout: 33.8%

Candidate Party Votes Elected
COTTER, Nick Independent 796
ENGLISH, Marcus Labour 421
NIXON, Roger David Green 126
WING, Lucinda Elizabeth-Anne Louise Conservative 824 Elected

Electorate: 6,349

Ballot papers Issued: 2,168

Turnout: 30.10%

Candidate Party Votes Elected
BOON, Francis Patrick Green 137
LYON, Margaret Elizabeth Labour 457
MAWER, Nick Conservative 908 Elected
MURPHY, Daniel Morgan Liberal Democrat 192

Electorate: 5,348

Ballot papers Issued: 1,700

Turnout: 28.0%

Candidate Party Votes Elected
KAVUMA, Celia Helen Labour and Co-Operative 653
NIXON, Robert Joseph Green 235
WALLIS, Tom Conservative 1018 Elected

Electorate: 5,328

Ballot papers Issued: 1,914

Turnout: 31.38%

Candidate Party Votes Elected
ARIS, Andy Green 207
DAVIS, Peter Liberal Democrat 284
MCHUGH, Andrew John Conservative 1457 Elected
WATSON, Suzette Elizabeth Labour and Co-Operative 540

Electorate: 5,939

Ballot papers Issued: 2,496

Turnout: 35.82%

Candidate Party Votes Elected
CHAPMAN, Phil Conservative 1677 Elected
CULLEN, Anne Felicia Labour 512
GREENSLADE-HIBBERT, Shaun Edward Green 433
MOON, Sue Labour 503
WEBB, Douglas George Conservative 1618 Elected
WOODWARD, Julian Liberal Democrat 448

Electorate: 5,644

Ballot papers Issued: 2,796

Turnout: 43.25%

Candidate Party Votes Elected
BLISS, Aaron James Green 317
DAVIS, Nigel Geoffrey Liberal Democrat 350
KERFORD-BYRNES, Mike Conservative 1637 Elected
MURPHY, Annette Labour 597

Electorate: 6,340

Ballot papers Issued: 2,910

Turnout: 39.78%

Candidate Party Votes Elected
GRIFFITHS, Carmen Conservative 1153 Elected
HORNSBY-SMITH, Andrew Labour 664
MIDDLETON, Ian Michael Green 776

Electorate: 6,293

Ballot papers Issued: 2,608

Turnout: 36.29%

Candidate Party Votes Elected
ROSE, Alaric David Hammond Liberal Democrat 1793 Elected
SIMPSON, Nigel Jason Conservative 1045
STANSBY, John Labour 299

Electorate: 5,884

Ballot papers Issued: 3,152

Turnout: 45.85%

Candidate Party Votes Elected
EMPTAGE, Timothy Martin Liberal Democrat 413
HUGHES, David Leonard Conservative 1386 Elected
NIXON, Michael Labour 567

Electorate: 5,451

Ballot papers Issued: 2,386

Turnout: 39.03%

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