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Banbury Councillor Mark Cherry wants action on new link road

Congratulations to Mark – his motion was agreed unanimously in full council on 21 March 2017. It means that the proposed link road, now referred to as Banbury Southern Link Road, will be prioritised for consideration in the Banbury Area Strategy LTP4.


Cllr Mark Cherry on Bankside

Cllr Mark Cherry on Bankside

Banbury Councillor Mark Cherry says it’s time for the County Council to relieve Banbury’s increasingly serious traffic congestion and move ahead quickly with a proposed new link road connecting Bankside to Overthorpe Road, to the east of junction 11 of the M40.

Mark Cherry has tabled a motion to the next full meeting of Oxfordshire County Council (21 March 2017) seeking urgent consideration of the Bankside link road.

The need for a link road has been identified in the consultation document, ‘Banbury Vision and Masterplan’ and in the County Council’s Transport Infrastructure Plan. Another option was a bridge across the railway near Banbury station connecting Tramway Road and Higham Way, but this has been discounted because of cost and other issues.

Mark Cherry says, “This link road is needed urgently if the town is to avoid total gridlock on its roads. Oxfordshire is a net contributor to the National Economy and the North of the county continues to grow with the construction of HS2, new businesses moving into the area and the construction of at least 8000 new homes.

This issue has been talked about for over 30 years and it is now time for action.

Even if the plan get’s the green light it will need a feasibility study and public consultation which could take years, and at the moment we have a window of opportunity before available land get’s developed – Banbury can’t wait much longer.”

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