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Banbury Labour Councillor calls on Victoria Prentis MP to clarify impact of Brexit

Open Letter from Councillor Sean Woodcock

Labour Candidate for Banbury & Bicester in the 2015 General Election

Leader of Labour group on Cherwell District Council


Cllr Sean Woodcock

Cllr Sean Woodcock

Brexit means Brexit. That is what we were told by our new Prime Minister Theresa May on her ascent to office.

But it is increasingly clear that no one, certainly not the people who campaigned for it in the first place, have any real idea of what Brexit actually means.

The referendum is done and dusted so I do not intend on rehearsing arguments from a vote which my side lost.

But I will not shy away from scrutinising what the government does going towards our departure from the European Union.

So I call on our Member of Parliament Victoria Prentis to get clarification from the government on the position of EU citizens who have settled in this country and who work and live alongside us.

I call on Mrs Prentis to clarify for businesses based in Banbury the terms for trade with the European Economic Area and quickly. This lack of certainty is bad for our economy.

And I call on Mrs Prentis to ascertain what happened to the pledge by Leavers of £350m a week extra for our National Health Service upon Brexit. We both know of a local hospital that could use the money.

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