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Banbury Market users vent their frustration online


Banbury Market Survey Steve&Sean

Labour Cllrs. Steve Kilsby (left) and Sean Woodcock

Following a survey of market users conducted online and face-to-face by Labour Councillors Sean Woodcock and Steve Kilsby, the Banbury Streetlife website ( has been inundated with comments about the market.

Many of the responders feel the present market operator could do a lot more and that the market has deteriorated since its “relaunch” to the point that it is now under threat.

Banbury resident Mary Evans Young initiated the online discussion on Streetlife and says, “It is clear that we have touched a nerve. I have never seen such local interest generated in an online discussion before. There have been some really useful suggestions:

– that they lower the rents,

– that they provide incentive schemes for both loyal customers and for loyal traders,

– that the organisers talk to local producers,

– that the Charter Market (Thursdays and Saturdays) merges with the Continental markets and the Farmers’ Market

– that we could have a large once-a-month market like Deddington

One online comment summed things up, “Banbury is a beautiful town steeped in history – It should have a bustling market to go with it”.

Labour Group Leader, Councillor Sean Woodcock, said, “Restricting the market to Cornhill has made no improvement to people’s perception of it. The responses to the survey shows that people want a thriving, bustling, town centre market, but clearly think that it needs a lot more effort and commitment from the council to make it happen. We will now present our findings to council officers”.

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