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Banbury’s Food Bank features in Daily Mirror campaign “Give Our Kids a Christmas”

The Daily Mirror has teamed up with the Trussell Trust and Unite to ensure kids don’t go hungry over Christmas, had have highlighted the Banbury food bank run by the Trussell Trust from The People’s Church.

Banbury’s food bank serves 150 families a month, a 50% increase on when they first opened two years ago. David Stapleton, project manager at the Banbury food bank, says: “Many people who come to us are going through transitions and they maybe don’t have funds to buy food for just a week or two and we’re just helping them get back on their feet.

“They are usually in a state of crisis and around 80% of the people that come to us only come once. It’s not people coming week after week ‘freeloading’.

“Nevertheless we’ve had more than 2,500 families here over the past two years that we’ve been open and that number has increased during 2013.”

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