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“Calling your cuts a war, is an insult to my father, and to my brother…” Jack Monroe’s blog from the Tory party conference (September 2013)


Photo by Ric Pushinsky

Read Jack Monroe’s personal story of survival in austerity Britain and her damning criticism of the Tories use of  ‘war’ metaphors, e.g. “drawing battle lines (George Osborne)” in the “war on welfare.”

Jack Monroe has been feeding herself and her son on £10 a week. She writes, “This ‘war’ like every other war, waged mainly by middle class men in suits, disproportionately claims the livelihoods of women and children. The single mothers did not cause the banking crisis. The elderly and disabled are not to blame for tax avoidance by big companies. My son did not sell off the social housing and refuse to build any more. But the real casualties are hidden from headlines and public view as we are told that the economy is recovering. For whom? At what cost?” Read on

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