Banbury Constituency Labour Party

Cherwell District Council, Banbury & Bicester Town Councils – 2016 Election Results

Andy Beere & Claire Bell

Newly elected councillors for Grimsbury, Andy Beere and Claire Bell

Labour win 8 seats on Cherwell District Council

Mark Cherry, Barry Richards and Sean Woodcock in Banbury Ruscote

Hannah Banfield and Surinder Dhesi in Banbury Cross & Neithrop

Andy Beere, Claire Bell and Shaida Hussain in Banbury Grimsbury & Hightown

…….. and 10 seats on Banbury Town Council

Mark Cherry, Barry Richards and Sean Woodcock

Mark Cherry, Barry Richards and Sean Woodcock

After yesterday’s results were announced at Spiceball Leisure Centre, Sean Woodcock said, “Our election wins are evidence of the amount of work done over the year by councillors and party members in the Banbury Ruscote ward . We have an impressive list of achievements on behalf of residents; the refurbishment of Woodgreen Leisure Centre, more bus stops, the rebuilding of The Hill Youth Centre, our continued pushing to upgrade Orchard Way shopping area and ‘Managaed Parking’ (control of verges).”

Mark Cherry said, “It’s a great result from good team work and building on the foundations created by George Parish. We polled over 50% of the vote – have a lot to be proud of.”



2016 council election graphic

Sadiq Khan wins London Mayoral with 44% of the vote.

Tories lose more seats than Labour.

Elections were held in 124 English councils on 5 May. NOC: No Overall Control

Council results
Party Councils Seats
Total +/-Net change Total +/-Net change
Labour 58 0 1,326 −18
Conservative 38 −1 842 −48
Liberal Democrat 4 +1 378 +45
Independent 0 0 77 −3
UKIP 0 0 58 +25
Green Party 0 0 45 −3
Residents 0 0 39 +8
Liberal 0 0 4 −1
Respect 0 0 0 −5
No Overall Control 24 0 0 0

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