Banbury Constituency Labour Party


Congratulations to Hannah Banfield, Perran Moon and Sean Woodcock for retaining our Banbury Town seats

Banbury Hardwick: Conservative hold

Nathan Bignell, Conservative: 817

Heather Firkin, UKIP: 194

Karl Kwiatkowski, Green: 215

Blue Watson, Labour: 417

Banbury Ruscote: Labour hold

Chris Phillips, Conservative: 487

Ian Thomas, Liberal Democrat: 189

Sean Woodcock, Labour and Co-op: 790

Bicester East: Conservative hold

Celia Kavuma, Labour: 348

Richard Mould, Conservative: 740

Robert Nixon, Green: 620

Bruce Shakespeare, Liberal Democrat: 136

Banbury Calthorpe and Easington: Conservative hold

Colin Clarke, Conservative: 1,218

Brent Jackson, Liberal Democrat: 480

Phil Richards, Labour and Co-op: 590

Banbury Grimsbury and Hightown: Labour hold

David Beverly, Conservative: 586

Carrick Cameron, Green: 403

Perran Moon, Labour and Co-op: 957

Banbury Cross & Neithrop: Labour hold

Hannah Banfield, Labour: 1,031

Alastair Milne, Conservative: 789

John Whitwell, Lib Dem: 306

Adderbury, Bloxham and Bodicote: Conservative hold

Andy Aris, Green: 416

Mike Bishop, Conservative: 1,189

Jonathan Gregory, Liberal Democrat: 296

Suzette Watson, Labour and Co-op: 377

Bicester North and Caversfield: Conservative hold

Francis Boon, Green: 298

Margaret Lyon, Labour: 274

Dan Murphy, Liberal Democrat: 291

Jason Slaymaker, Conservatives: 794

Bicester South & Ambrosden: Independent gain from Conservatives

Nick Cotter, Independent: 1,259

Marcus English, Labour: 296

Zoe McLernon, Conservative: 675

Bicester West: Independent gain from Conservatives

John Melrose, Labour 352

Debbie Pickford, Conservatives 597

Fraser Webster, Independent 1,285

Cropredy, Sibfords and Wroxton: Conservative hold

Anne Cullen, Labour: 398

Douglas Webb, Conservative: 1,503

Julian Woodward, Liberal Democrat: 653

Launton and Otmoor: Conservative hold

Tim Hallchurch, Conservatives: 1,171

Michael Nixon, Labour: 863

Deddington: Conservative hold

Aaron Bliss, Green: 523

Hugo Brown, Conservative: 1,376

Nigel Davis, Liberal Democrat: 477

Annette Murphy: 382

Kidlington East: Greens gain from Conservatives

Ian Middleton, Green: 1,089

Anthony Morris, UKIP: 214

Neil Prestidge, Conservatives: 1,016

John Stansby, Labour: 377

Kidlington West: Lib Dems gain from Conservatives

Conrad Copeland, Liberal Democrats: 1,436

Alan Mackenzie-Wintle, Conservatives: 786

Chuk Okeke, Labour: 402

Nigel Simpson, Conservatives: 816

Katherine Tyson, Liberal Democrats: 1,493

Hilary Valk, UKIP: 252


Conservative: 9 (-4)

Green: 1 (+1)

Independents: 2 (+2)

Labour: 3 (-)

Liberal Democrats: 2 (+1)

Banbury Town Council – Hardwick West

Naveed Anwar, Labour 582

Nathan Bignell, Conservative 935

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