Banbury Constituency Labour Party

Chris Williamson MP to speak at Banbury CLP Supper Club – 21 September 2017

Our Next Supper Club – Thursday 21 September – Chris Williamson MP,  Derby North

Non-members very welcome.


Chris Williamson MP Flyer (small)

Chris Williamson MP

Chris is Shadow Minister (Home Office) (Fire and Emergency Services).

VIDEO: Chris Williamson on Grenfell Tower

Chris is pro-Corbyn and pro-Momentum and in a recent article for the Guardian said, “In 2015 I lost the seat to the Tories by just 41 votes, making Derby North the most marginal seat in England. In the end [GE 2017] we won a majority of 2,015, a swing that was slightly higher than the national average.

The election showed that Corbyn’s new kind of politics is in tune with a mass of younger voters whose opportunities and life standards will be worse than that of their parent’s generation, and for whom left/right distinctions are almost meaningless. Likewise, for older voters who saw New Labour as a betrayal of their values, Corbyn represents a return to the party’s authentic, fighting spirit.”


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