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Councillors and activists from Banbury & Bicester Labour Party took to the streets on Saturday, 26 November 2016, as part of its NHS Campaign Day

Local Labour Party activsts collecting signatures outside Morrisons

Local Labour Party activsts collecting signatures outside Morrisons

During the event, which forms part of a national day of activity on the subject, the party will argue that the time has come for proper investment in the National Health Service to transform it for the 21st Century.

The party will argue that the national situation has grown so dire that it is causing intolerable pressure on some services while others close. It is this, the party says, that has led to the current battle for service provision at Banbury’s Horton Hospital.

Councillor Sean Woodcock & Councillor Steve Kilsby; leaders of the district and town council Labour groups respectively, issued a joint statement:

“Everyone in Banbury and the surrounding areas knows about the current threat to consultant-led maternity and other services at the Horton Hospital. What this is about; is raising awareness of the current situation in the NHS as a whole and how these things are linked.

After all, it is the lack of proper investment, in the NHS and in social care, along with an increasing number of people using these services; that is directly responsible for what is happening at the Horton.

The purpose of the day is to get people talking about it. Then, national decision-makers will have no choice but to take this issue seriously.

“Banbury & Bicester Labour Party will be running events in Banbury and Bicester town centres on Saturday 26th November from 9am.

Further details of Labour’s NHS Campaign Day can be found: 

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