Banbury Constituency Labour Party

Cuts to Banbury Bus Services – you got what you voted for!

Letter from Jane Rogers published in Banbury Guardian 21 Juy 2016 (response to letter 7 July)

Jane Rogers colour extract v2 smallBus service cuts across Oxfordshire will kick in this week and many of us, but particularly the elderly, will be hard hit. Rather than criticising local Labour Councillors, who have fought passionately to try to retain not only bus services but all the other services which are being slashed (mobile libraries will cease in September, Children’s centres will diminish in number, Youth centres have gone, there will be cuts for Carers of children with disabilities and adults with dementia, etc, etc) your correspondent of July 7 should remember that the reason for all these cuts is that David Cameron’s government forced cuts of £69 million on the County Council’s budget this year, after £292 million of cuts had already been demanded since 2010. Councillors both Tory and Labour have worked tirelessly to try to find ways of making cuts that will cause the least harm to local people. But everyone who voted Conservative at the last election should remember: this is what you voted for. It was called Austerity, and it was the Conservative plan. Next time, Do Something Positive and vote for a different party.

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