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Cuts to Banbury’s Children’s Centres to have severe impact on working families

Mark Cherry (left) supported by Labour's Parliamentary Candidate Sean Woodcock

Mark Cherry (left) supported by Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate Sean Woodcock

Banbury’s Labour County Councillor Mark Cherry is urging people to fight to save Banbury’s Children’s centres ahead of Oxfordshire County Council’s budget meeting in February 2015.

The Council has said they want to cut £6m from children’s services between 2015-2018.
Mark said, “As a councillor I am fully aware of how children’s centres are intertwined into family’s lives. They enable some working mothers to balance work and family responsibilities and they will now find this impossible when the cuts go through.

“Activists, parents and Labour councillors fought so hard in 2013 and we all thought they were safe.

“I urge those who fought so valiantly 2013 to rise up and ask these questions of County Council Leader Ian Hudspeth, and Melinda Tiley, cabinet member for children, education and families”.


See front page article, 8 January 2015

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