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Delay in publishing official poverty data until after the election lets government off the hook.

Is this the sort of society we want to live in? We think not!

npi-logoA report by The New Policy Institute (NPI) think tank says government policies are pushing more and more people into poverty, but that official statistics are being withheld until after the election, enabling the coalition to claim that child poverty had reduced by 300,000. NPI say the government’s figures are based on two-year-old data and hides current realities.

Official poverty data for 2013-2014 shows:

* 29% of UK children are now in poverty after housing costs.

* An estimated 760,000 people have been pushed into poverty

* The weekly income of the poorest 10% has fallen from £174, five years ago to £160.

Child poverty fell in the first year of the coalition under the tax and benefit framework inherited from Labour and remained stable for two years. It started to rise again after benefits cuts and an increase in tax allowance.

The New Policy Institute says the delay in publishing poverty figures before the election was politically motivated.

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