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Democratic by-pass thwarted by Bicester Labour Party

Back in April 2016, Bicester Tory Town Councillors James Porter and Dannie Magee resigned their seats and we collected signatures from local electors to petition Cherwell District Council, so an election would be held. If this hadn’t been done, someone would be ‘co-opted’ (that is invited without reference to electors) to sit on the Council.

Chris Howells, Chair Bicester Labour Party

Chris Howells, Chair Bicester Labour Party

Chris Howells, Chair of Bicester Labour Party said, “We thought that this was undemocratic and in the two days we had left before a decision to co-opt was to be made, we collected the 20 signatures (10 from electors in each ward) required to request by-elections and submitted the petitions to Cherwell District Council.

Thanks to the local organisations and electors in these wards who agreed with us that the democratic process should be followed, we have learnt today (1st April) that the petitions were successful.”

Bicester Town Council by-elections in East and South East Wards were held on 5th May, the same day as Cherwell District Council elections.

Chris Howells said, “Irrespective of the result, this has to be a victory for democracy. It might just be time to get some new faces and values elected to Bicester Town Council.”

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  1. Nic Brennan says:

    Fantastic news & well done! Thanks


  2. Mason Dancey says:

    Really well done for getting this done. Keep up the great work everyone at some point soon i hope to meet up with some of you guys.
    thanks again

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