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Developers sidestep affordable housing targets

housing by canal socialA three-month study by the Bureau for Investigative Journalism (BIJ) for Society Guardian has established that in 60% of large house building projects currently in the planning system developers are negotiating to reduce the number of affordable homes they are required to provide.

Developers are using ‘financial viability assessments’ to persuade Councils that developments would be uneconomic if they met targets for affordable housing.



BIJ provide these statistics:

– 2,300 affordable homes axed over the last 5 years after Section 106 negotiations

– 1.85 million people on council housing waiting lists in England – up 69% in 10 years

– 56,210 households in temporary accommodation – up 9% in the last 9 months

– We are becoming increasingly dependent on Housing Associations to provide low cost housing but HA’s will receive only £3.3bn for three years from 2015, a cut of 2.2%, on top of the overall 63% funding reduction made in 2010.

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