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Thursday May 4th 2017 – County Council Elections – Our Candidates

Banbury & Bicester Labour Party is fielding candidates in all seats. See biographies below.

Biographies of our County Council Candidates


I was born in the Horton and I have lived in Ruscote all my life. I’ve been a County Councillor for four years and represented Ruscote as a Town and District Councillor for three.

Having witnessed the work and commitment of John Christie over the years, I am proud that John has endorsed me as the Labour County Council Candidate for Ruscote. I’ve always been available to the people of Ruscote and instigated regular surgeries with my fellow Labour councillors.

I have succeeded in resolving many issues and problems brought to me by residents, which have made a practical difference to peoples’ lives.


I live locally and am active in the community. I am passionate about education and serve as a governor of a local primary school. As a project manager at the University of Oxford, I am used to getting things done.

I want housing developments to provide truly affordable homes for our local families to buy or rent. They must be supported with improved traffic management and good local facilities. I believe this means good bus services as well as better roads. I am an enthusiastic supporter of the Horton General Hospital and will continue to campaign vigorously for the retention of full clinical services.


I am a District Councillor, and a Town Councillor for part of Grimsbury and Castle. I’m committed to maintaining full services at the Horton.

I’ll press for a relief road, a good bus service and parking control so that Grimsbury feels like a community rather than a commuter rat-run or a parking lot for the Station.

Through my work in social care and customer services, as well as my casework as a Councillor, I understand the problems caused by cuts and I want to defend our local services for children and vulnerable adults


I have lived and worked in Banbury, am heavily involved in charitable work and have represented the people of Banbury as County, District and Town Councillor for over 25 years.

I am very accessible through working at a well-known town-centre shop. I have campaigned for the Horton for decades, and recently, I was one of the few County Council Health and Overview Scrutiny Committee members to vote against the transfer of maternity services to Oxford. I get things done for residents and recently provided pathways, had roads improved and worked to keep open the Woodgreen swimming pool.


I’ve lived in the area for almost 30 years. I use local buses, shops and services and understand how crucial these are to those on the edge of Town or in the Villages. My daughters went to our local schools.

For many years I was a governor at Warriner School, and a founder member of the Warriner School Farm Trust so I am passionate about defending our schools.

For 20 years, I specialised in planning law at Cherwell District Council. This gave me expertise in this critical aspect of council work and heightened my concern for our built, rural and natural environments.


I came to Oxfordshire 24 years ago and taught at several primary schools, specialising in Early Years education. I live in Deddington and am very involved in the local community. Since leaving teaching, I have continued with my own personal development and enjoy sport and social activities in Deddington and Banbury.

I want to protect services for the vulnerable in our community and ill oppose shale gas exploration to protect the health of the community and our environment.


I have lived in Mollington for 30 years. I am a social worker and have worked with young people in Oxfordshire for 10 years. Currently I manage a palliative care team supporting people with life limiting illnesses and their families.

I am committed to the principle of public services and environmental issues.  I am married with two grown up children and three grandchildren. I enjoy running in the local countryside.


I am married with three children and have lived in the Bicester area for 14 years. I am a materials engineer working for a local aerospace company.

I’ve seen the strain that rapid growth in Bicester has placed on the town and surrounding villages. The roads are congested and our services have not kept pace with the expansion. Adult social care, children’s centres and bus services have all been cut with no regard for what residents want or need.

We must fight for these and other essential services to be restored and expanded. That is why I’m standing as the Labour candidate for Otmoor Division.


I have lived in Bicester and North Oxfordshire with my wife Sylvia for over 16 years. Our three grandsons live in the area and attend local schools.

A qualified planner, I have worked at Senior Director level in large public and private organisations and understand the pressures on both, not least from now running my own small business based here.

Physical and social infrastructure in Bicester and the villages is insufficient to support residents current and future needs and will damage both businesses and communities. We must ensure that development delivers a better quality of life and environment for the whole community.


I have lived in Bicester all my life, and in the Glory Farm area for many years. I am a trader within the town centre and have seen the rapid growth in population and much more to come, and the decline of our traditional ‘high street’.

Infrastructure in and around the town centre is insufficient to cope with the additional traffic heading through Bicester. A completed ring road and proper signage directing passing traffic around the town would help with issues of congestion, and the inevitable pollution build up.

As a foster carer I have experienced our care system too, and while my own experience has been quite positive on the whole, I have seen first hand, the pressures that social services, the NHS and social care teams are under, and that not everyone’s experience is a happy one.


Formerly from Lancashire, I moved to Bicester in 2008. I have over 25 years working in the Education sector (HE and FE).

I am concerned with funding cuts in Education particularly 6th form and FE Colleges, and the impact the new school funding formula will have on the education of our children.

I firmly believe in a fairer, affordable rent policy particularly for young families and encouragement, wherever possible, for people to own their own homes as previous generations were able to. What problems are we storing for the future if we do not act now?


“I moved to Bicester 6 years ago and am involved in several local community organisations. I worked for the Ministry of Justice in London and my hobbies include playing music in local bands. I firmly believe that we need to restore investment in the schools, roads and public transport services that support our communities.”



22 September 2016

A by-election was called following the resignation of Conservative Councillor Nigel Randall. Sue Christie is standing as Labour’s candidate.

5 May 2016 – Cherwell District Council Elections

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England has reduced the council’s existing 28 wards to create a total of 16 wards across the district, each of which would be represented by three councillors, giving a total of 48. The whole council was therefore up for re-election on May 5th. There were also elections for all seats in Banbury Town Council and two seats in Bicester Town Council.

We maintained our position with 8 District Councillors and 10 Banbury Town Councillors elected.

Full results

1 October 2015 – Grimsbury & Castle by-election

In the Grimsbury & Castle by-election Claire Bell and Shaida Hussain won District and Town council seats from the Conservatives with a 6% swing. We now have 8 Cherwell District Councillors.

The by-election was called after the death of Conservative councillor Ann Bonner.

7 May 2015   – General Election, Cherwell District Council and Bicester Town Council Elections

Mark Cherry held Banbury Ruscote and Andy Beere held Grimsbury and Castle. See full results.

General Election results

22 May 2014 – Cherwell District Council Elections

Matt Johnstone (Banbury Neithrop), Barry Richards (Ruscote) and Claire Bell (Grimsbury & Castle) were duly elected to the District Council today 23 May, which means Labour now have seven seats on the Council, an increase of two. Barry Richards was also elected as Town Councillor for Ruscote, a Labour hold.

There are 50 District Councillors on Cherwell District Council, representing 28 wards in the Banbury Constituency. They decide how the many functions of the Council are carried out. Each of the Councillors is elected for a 4 year term.  A third of council members are up for election each year with a County Council Election every fourth year.

Cherwell District Council is now made up of 7 Labour Councillors, 4o Conservative Councillors, 2 Lib Dem Councillors and 1 Independent.

European Parliamentary Elections 22 May 2014

Anneliese Dodds was elected MEP for the South East region.

The United Kingdom uses the continental system for the election of Members of the European Parliament (rather than individual constituencies choosing candidates as for Westminster).  In this system, each political party produces a full list of candidates to fill all the vacancies in the constituency, which is the South East constituency and stretches from Kent to Oxfordshire.  When the votes are counted the seats are distributed in proportion to the overall number votes for each party (not each candidate) within the whole region.

Town Council Elections

On 3rd May 2012 the Banbury Town Council election was held. To find out the results of this election, click here.