Banbury Constituency Labour Party


More people in Cherwell voted to leave the EU – a 0.61% majority.

49.69% (40,668) voted remain
50.31% (41,168) voted to leave
Margin: 500

A total of 81,836 people voted, representing 75.55% of the 108,323 electorate. The result was declared at


48.1% Remain – 51.9% Leave – Turnout 72%

A Eurochampion’s statement

Eurochampion James Urwick

Eurochampion James Urwick

As one of the local coordinators of the Labour Party’s Remain campaign in the Banbury constituency, I wish to express appreciation to the many volunteers who assisted in the campaign. I also wish to thank the voters who agreed with or accepted our message and voted to remain in the EU. In the end the Leave voters had a majority of only 500 in the whole Cherwell voting area. The demand for a close and constructive relationship with our European neighbours will continue to be strong here, as in most other parts of the UK.

Membership of an association of European states such as the EU implies that national political leaders should identify clearly with European goals and engage voters in European policies as well as national ones. For a long period, however, most of our political leaders have not done this adequately and some have used the EU as a convenient scapegoat for problems not of its making. Large parts of the national press have behaved in a similar manner. These patterns of behaviour help to explain why so many voters were willing to vote to leave. In an interdependent world we need organisations like the EU; the Labour Party should therefore give a higher priority, in its agenda, to international cooperation on many fronts.

James Urwick  (26/6/16)

Message from Sean Woodcock, Leader Labour Group on Cherwell District Council

Cllr. Sean Woodcock, Banbury Ruscote

Cllr. Sean Woodcock

“This result is devastating for our communities. People’s jobs, rights and our standards of living are at risk because of the referendum result. I am gutted by this result. I know that some of you will not only share my sadness at these events, but also will be fearful about what this result means for the future of our wonderfully diverse country.

Labour has a lot to learn as a result of Brexit. It is not acceptable for any Labour politician to dismiss legitimate concerns about the impact that immigration has on their community. Labour must understand people’s concerns about their safety in the face of international terrorism. We must learn these lessons before we will deserve to be in government again.But we must never use these legitimate concerns as cover for attempts at dividing our nation. Britain has a proud history of diversity and tolerance.  Labour has always been at the forefront of promoting values in our society. We will continue to do so in the event of a referendum result that means that this is more needed than ever.”

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