Banbury Constituency Labour Party

Four Labour County Councillors Elected in Banbury!

“Power balance shifts as town Tories tumble”  (Headline in Banbury Guardian 9 May)  Link to Banbury Guardian

Victory is very sweet, and Banbury Labour Party is celebrating winning all 4 seats in Banbury for the first time for 40 years.  This success was because Labour had a sound election strategy and a coordinated team effort by candidates, members and supporters throughout the campaign.

Congratulations to Councillors Mike Beal (Grimsbury & Castle), Mark Cherry (Calthorpe), John Christie (Ruscote) and Surinder Dhesi (Hardwick).

John Christie has been elected Deputy Leader of the 15-strong County Labour Group of Councillors.

Out–organised, out-voted and out of power

Banbury Conservatives now find themselves out–organised, out-voted and out of power – no wonder they are reduced to slinging silly personal insults at Labour’s agents and Councillors, they have lost control of  the County Council as well as their cool, and don’t know what to do, having taken the voters for granted and failed to win support right across the town!

Thanks to Team Banbury CLP!

Candidates, Polly Foster (Bicester Town), Steve Sargeant (Bicester West), Sue Christie (Deddington), Mary Evans Young (Bloxham & Easington), Perran Moon (Wroxton & Hook Norton), Sean Woodcock (Ploughley), Steve Uttley (Bicester North) & Andrew Hornsby-Smith (Otmoor)  all fought hard, and sincere thanks to everyone who worked in the campaign.


There is now none political party in Oxfordshire with overall control of the County Council.

Conservatives       31

Labour       15

Liberal  Democrats     11

Green Party      2

Independents       4

See Oxfordshire County Council web site for full results

Three of our four victores in photocall for Banbury Guardian

CC Councillors photo shoot

Mark Cherry, John Christie, Surinder Dhesi

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