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Government ‘Stealing from the Poor to give to the Rich’ – North Oxfordshire Villages Labour Party

“The Tory Government’s ‘Help to Buy’ scheme is stealing from the poor to give to the rich,” the North Oxfordshire Villages Labour Party members agreed at their meeting in Adderbury this week.

Perran Moon_03

Perran Moon

“Taxpayers’ money is being used to subsidise people who buy-to-rent : it would be much better spent in providing incentives for Councils to build social housing and increase the provision of affordable flats and houses.  This increase in supply would also reduce private rents, it makes economic sense!” Perran Moon, Labour’s candidate in Hook Norton, told the meeting

Calls for Rent Controls

“It is a also a scandal the housing benefit is paid to private landlords who charge such high rents, we must bring back rent controls.  Only by controlling rents can the cost to taxpayers of housing benefit be bought under control”.   Members were discussing the housing crisis which leaves so many people struggling to afford their rents or mortgage,  homeless, or living in overcrowded or sub-standard premises.

Matt Johnstone

Matt Johnstone

Councillor Matthew Johnstone reported that Cherwell District Council is employing 2 extra housing support officers.  “It would be better to spend the money on providing 2 flats,” he said, “We have too many do-gooders, and not enough people doing good.”

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