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Labour Rose pure redOur Candidates – Claire Bell & Shaida Hussain:


Claire Bell Grimsbury

Claire Bell

I live in Grimsbury and Castle and I work here with children and families. My kids went to school here.

As your District Councillor I hear how Tory policy hits local people.

The Tories say they are proud of our town, but at every level they pursue policies that break up our community

  • decimating Children’s Centres
  • hapless planning
  • running down the market
  • increasing risk of homelessness


Vote for me on 1st October so that I can work with my fellow Labour Councillors to preserve our services and our part of Town.

Shaida cut out b&w_01

Shaida Hussain

I was born here. I grew up here. I work in a school. I serve you as Town Councillor. I want to be your District Councillor, serving the best interests of our community. I want to work to

  • keep our streets clean and safe
  • control traffic and parking
  • plan for roads and schools to support new development


Vote for me on 1st October so that I can work with my fellow Town and County Labour Councillors to ensure everyone shares the prosperity that our Town’s growth brings.

A Grimsbury voice for Grimsbury.



Labour Rose pure redLabour in Banbury:


We are proud of our Town, its people and its distinct communities like Grimsbury.

The Tory County Council plans to halve funding for our Children’s Centres. East Street will be lost.

It is unlikely there will be a relief road. With the Tories, Grimsbury’s streets will most likely continue to be a rat-run and a parking lot.

The County Council is budgeting for yet further cuts.

This is how Tory Central Government policy is put into action locally by

Tory led Town, District and County Councils.

Help us hold them to account by voting for Shaida Hussain and

Claire Bell in the District and Town Council by-elections on 1st October.

We need you to leaflet in Grimsbury see home page for details

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