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Gloria De Piero, MP for Ashfield

Gloria De Piero, MP for Ashfield

Gloria De Piero, Shadow minister for Women and Equalities outlines what an incoming Labour Government will do to support women:

  • We will force large companies to be transparent about their pay gap. It’s a scandal that women are still paid less than men in 2015.
  • We will guarantee 25 hours of free childcare for all three to four year olds, helping mums stay in work if they want to.
  • We’re also committed to introducing a Violence Against Women and Girls Bill. Amongst other things, it will ban the police using “community resolutions” for domestic and sexual violence, as far too often these result in just a slap on the wrist for the perpetrator.
  • More than half our candidates in winnable seats are women and, if we’re elected, our Cabinet will include the post of Women and Equalities Minister.

We need to get as many women as possible out voting on 7 May. Remind your friends and family to register to vote (they can do it here)

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