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Labour Group on Oxfordshire County Council wins motion to condemn government cuts

The following motion was put to the Council by Labour Group Leader Liz Brighouse on 9th September 2014.

Liz Brighouse Leader of Labour Group Oxon County Council

Liz Brighouse
Leader of Labour Group
Oxon County Council

“This Council is deeply concerned about the effect of the cuts and other fiscal policies on Oxfordshire County Council expenditure which are due to Central Government, disproportionately placing the deficit reduction on Local Government.”

Labour’s Deputy Group Leader John Christie writes, “As we prepare to consider our budget for 2015/16 it asks the Leader to write to the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition pointing out the enormous damage which has been done, not only to services provided for the whole community and particularly those services provided for the most vulnerable but also to the workforce valiantly struggling to cope with increasing demand and expectation.” 

John Christie

John Christie

John continues, “The Conservatives tried to wreck the motion by adding an amendment which congratulated the Coalition Government on minimising damage and blamed the last labour Government for the usual story about the inherited deficit.”

The amendment was defeated 28 to 27 with the Labour group receiving support from the Liberal Democrats, Greens and two CIA independents. The substantive motion was carried with the Tories abstaining.

Another successful motion: School Breakfast Clubs

The following motion was put by Gill Sanders on behalf of the labour group and carried with the support of the CIA. 

“This Council asks the Education Scrutiny Committee to consider asking those schools which currently do not, to provide school breakfast clubs for their pupils. In particular, it is asked to consider the impact this would have on raising attainment, improving absence rates and lateness and to investigate how sponsorship, alongside the Pupil Premium, might fund the breakfasts. This information should then be provided to all schools in the County.” 

John Christie also reports, “At the Council meeting we also made constructive criticisms of the Public health report pointing out for example that the strategy outlined was very weak on smoking cessation policies and the injurious effects of air pollution.”

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