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Labour Group opposes Cherwell District Council’s 2014 Draft Budget

Cllr Sean Woodcock

Cllr Sean Woodcock

Although Labour Councillors support many elements of the budget, for example the extra money going into housing, Labour Group Leader Sean Woodcock says, “There are sufficient points of difference which means we cannot support the budget as a whole.”

Sean continues, “The budget is based on a number of assumptions which we can’t agree with, namely; how the money received from the New Homes Bonus is allocated, the continued spending on Cherwell Link (the free magazine delivered to every household) and the over-reliance on car parking charges to balance the budget.”

In addition the Labour Group is concerned how “the diminishing capital pot is being spent.” Although they welcome many of the proposed capital projects, a lot of the money which was largely acquired from the sale of council houses is being spent on expensive IT projects the benefits of which seem unclear.

Sean concludes, “At a time when there continues to be a shortage of affordable housing, we feel this is wrong.”

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