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Labour In Campaign in Bicester

Bicester Branch members and supporters getting behind the LabourIn campaign

Bicester members and supporters

Bicester Labour were in Sheep Street this weekend with Baroness Christine Crawley (former Labour Midlands MEP) talking to Bicester residents about the EU Referendum and supporting the LabourIn campaign to remain in the EU.

A great cross section of views and straightforward ‘no spin’ discussion with both leavers and stayers.

People who spoke with us appreciated the information we provided as to why Labour wants to remain as well as the benefits Oxfordshire gets from the EU, without the pointless hype and misinformation of the national debate.


Baroness Christine Crawley and Bicester members engaging with residents

Baroness Christine Crawley talking to Bicester residents

We were also able to hand out information to those who wanted to know how to register to vote – the deadline for this is Tuesday, 7 June.

A really good day and thanks to everyone who stopped to talk, whichever way you vote, we enjoyed it.


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