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Mark Cherry, Labour Councillor on Oxfordshire County Council urges resident involvement in Bankside traffic management consultation

Mark Cherry, Labour County Councillor for Banbury Calthorpe has been liaising for over three years with County Highways Officers, to manage the impact of the Longford Park housing development on traffic and safety on Bankside.

Mark Cherry says, “We are now near the end of the consultation process and it is crucial that residents lodge any objections to the proposals by Friday 24 March 2017.

I am personally happy that funding from Longford park housing development (section 106 funding) has secured new traffic cushions along bankside replacing old concrete chicanes and the extension of the B2 bus service from Longford Park, traversing Bankside into Banbury.

Cllr Mark Cherry

Cllr Mark Cherry

I have also asked for parking bays to be installed along bankside because the increase in car ownership was never envisaged when the estate was built in the 1960’s/1970’s.”

The consultation document details these proposed changes to parking restrictions, traffic calming features and pedestrian crossing facilities in Bankside and that is why Cllr Mark Cherry urges residents send in any objections before the due date:

a) Introduce/extend ‘No Waiting at Any Time’ – Double Yellow Lines (DYLs) in various junctions leading off of Bankside.

b) Introduce/extend ‘No Waiting Mondays to Saturdays 8am to 6pm’ in various parts of Bankside.

c) Construct a Raised Zebra crossing on a flat top road hump approx. 30m northwest of its junction with Spinney Drive.

d) Replace the current chicane features with 20 pairs of speed cushions spaced approx. 80m apart, between the junctions with Hightown Road and the roundabout junction with the road leading to the A4260 Oxford Road.

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  1. M Merry says:

    As a resident on Bankside we are in full support of this proposed traffic calming layout. For many years, this road has been a hazard and we have observed and tolerated cars that continually speed along this road. It is also used as a short-cut or “rat run” between Bodicote & Banbury and we have witnessed many cars racing through the chicanes in excess of 60mph!
    In addition to this the volume of vehicles has increased considerably especially since the building of additional houses in Bodicote which as you know will increase. The road is often blocked for periods as cars have to stop-start at the chicanes so obviously some drivers loose patience and race to beat the oncoming vehicle or simply cut up other oncoming vehicles instead of waiting.
    We have over the years witnessed several accidents some of which have been serious due to the constant speeding of vehicles and people racing through and between the chicanes. This is also evident by the severe damage that there are to the chicanes, barriers and signs all along Bankside which I assume that you aware of?
    In fact this road is so currently so dangerous that some people including my elderly mother actually fear crossing it to take her dog for a walk in Bankside park. Many children also have to cross this road to get to the playing area in Bankside but are discouraged from going there as the road is currently too dangerous to cross so many parents will not allow it.
    The current layout with road chicanes simply is not effective in calming the traffic.
    The situation is also exacerbated by the many cars which are parked along Bankside. There is no reason at all for ANY cars to be parked anywhere along this road either by members of the public or residents as all the residents do have their own private garages and allotted parking places at the rear of their properties…so there is no reason to park on Bankside or in the laybys (which they seem to think is their own personal parking space). There are also a number of people and commuters who continually use Bankside as a free car park (near Newbold Close) and leave their cars parked all day which is an additional hazard.
    The new proposed layout with road cushions would have the effect of allowing a constant and continual flow of traffic whilst still slowing the vehicles down to an acceptable and safe speed. It would certainly improve the safety on this road and the traffic flow and we as local residents are very pleased with the new proposal and in full support of it.
    In fact many residents are confused as to why most similar roads on residential estates in Banbury already have this style of traffic calming implemented however so far Bankside has been neglected.

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