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Medhi Hasan debunks Gaza/Hamas Myths peddled by Israeli PR Operation

Medhi Hasan

Medhi Hasan. Political Editor, Huffington Post

He says he is no fan of Hamas; “a brutal and anti-Semitic group” and much more, but he wants to challenge the PR spin that, “Hamas is to blame for everything.”

These are the 11 myths he analyses:

1) The Gaza Strip isn’t occupied by Israel

2) Israel wants a ceasefire but Hamas doesn’t

3) Israel, unlike Hamas, doesn’t deliberately target civilians

4) Only Hamas is guilty of war crimes, not Israel

5) Hamas use the civilians of Gaza as ‘human shields’

6) This current Gaza conflict began with Hamas rocket fire on 30 June 2014

7) Hamas has never stopped firing rockets into Israel

8) Hamas provoked Israel by kidnapping and killing three Israeli teenagers

9) Hamas rule, not Israel’s blockade, is to blame for the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip

10) The Israeli government, unlike Hamas, wants a two-state solution

11) All serious analysts agree it was Hamas, and not Israel, that started this current conflict

Read the full story from The Huffington Post

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