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Over 400 people in Banbury stuck waiting in huge backlog for Personal Independence Payment assessments

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Councillor Sean Woodcock, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Banbury

Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Banbury Councillor Sean Woodcock has called on David Cameron to urgently deal with a huge backlog for Personal Independence Payment assessments currently affecting 440 people in Banbury constituency. (Nov 2014)

According to the latest Department of Work and Pensions’ (DWP) figures, and independent House of Commons analysis, Personal Independence Payments introduced last year to replace Disability Living Allowance is beset by delays and rising costs. 529,000 people applied for PIP, but only 206,000 received a decision about whether they qualified for help – leaving 323,000 people in limbo across the country.

Councillor Woodcock said, “It’s absolutely disgraceful that 440 people in the Banbury area are still waiting for a Personal Independence Payment assessment. David Cameron must step in and sort out this backlog, which is leaving disabled people waiting months and months for an assessment.

DWP/PIP spending is £1.4 billion more than projected this year and delays and rising costs in this and other reforms put the Government’s own welfare expenditure cap at risk. Beyond the statistics and figures though, are real people suffering from this cruel and incompetent government which is denying them access to vital support.”


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  1. Julian says:

    It occurs to one, perhaps, that this huge delay is as intended? The coalition know they will not retain power, so when the backlog is cleared the payments will show up on the next government’s welfare bill.
    I have now been waiting for 12 months for my PIP assessment. I need it so I can get back to work.

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