Banbury Constituency Labour Party


Congratulations to Anneliese Dodds on being Labour’s number 1 candidate for the European elections.  A University Lecturer in Public Policy and an expert on European affairs, if elected she will be an excellent Member of the European Parliament and well represent our region. Congratulations also to the other 9 candidates who will also be fighting strong campaigns   to become Labour MEPs during the elections next year.

This is the full list of Labour’s candidates in the South East Region Constituency, which stretches from Kent to Oxfordshire.

1. Anneliese Dodds
2. John Howarth
3. Emily Westley
4. Del Singh
5. Farah Nazeer
6. James Swindlehurst
7. Maggie Hughes
8. James Watkins
9. Karen Landles
10. Phil Bloomer
Biographical  information for each is available  on line. 

Note on the Democratic Process:    The United Kingdom uses the continental system for the election of Members of the European Parliament (rather than individual constituencies choosing candidates as for Westminster).  In this system, each political party produces a full list of candidates to fill all the vacancies in the constituency.  When the votes are counted the seats are distributed proportionately to the overall number votes for each party within the whole region.  Thus only some of each party’s chosen candidates will win – those nearest the top of each party’s list have the best chance of being elected.

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