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Refugee Donations Appeal

We’ve all seen the horrific photographs – here are some suggestions to help those fleeing war & violence

Calaid are collecting from the following:

13 September – Community Centre OX1 4RP Turl Street Kitchen OX1 3DH and 39 Magdalen Road, OX4 1RB. They will take donations by 18th September.

There will be collections from Hook Norton Youth Hall Library

18th  & 19 September:  9am to 7pm
Particularly Required: wellington boots, tents, sleeping bags, tarpaulins, socks, candles, torches, and warm waterproof clothes

To find more local drop off point to donate clothing and other items to help refugees, you can search on this map:

38 Degrees members across the country are inviting us to join them in all/any of the following
Putting signs that say ‘refugees welcome’ in our windows to show the kind of place we want Britain to be. You can find a ‘refugees welcome’ poster to print and put in your front window here:

If you don’t have a printer, or want to show refugees are welcome straight away, please share the image on your Facebook page:

If you want to help those who are stuck in Calais, you can join the facebook group where people are co-ordinating the aid they’re taking to Calais:

If you want to donate money, there are lots of organisations with open appeals. Doctors of the World are currently the only organisation providing medical care to refugees in Calais, you can donate to them and find out more here:

The British Red Cross is calling for more funds to support affected people in Syria and neighbouring countries:

Inside Syria, there are volunteer rescue workers who risk their lives to save families and children fleeing the violence. There’s a ‘Hero Fund’ to treat these injured volunteers and support the families of those killed. You can donate to the fund here:

Emmaus charity is heading to Calais at the end of September and so if you have donations for them, please deliver them to the charity by Friday 25 September.
Their superstore is on Westland Drive, North Way, Marston OX3 9QY

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