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Save our Health and Wellbeing Centre

Last Saturday, we were out in Sheep Street collecting names on a petition to the Government to put more money into the NHS and Adult Social Care. It seems we were none too soon. As we thought, the Adult Day Centres in general and Bicester’s specifically are under threat again this winter with a County Council ‘Consultation’ on providing a more ‘flexible’ service.

We all know what that will mean. So it was amazing to come across a Facebook post from a Bicester resident, whose daughter – a young lady only 10 years of age called Tegan – was inspired to action by an open letter from an 87 year old who uses the Centre. Tegan wanted to start a campaign to called Save our Health and Wellbeing Centre. Given that Bicester Labour Party helped to campaign and stave off the closure of the Centre earlier this year, we offered to set up a petition to try to achieve the same end this year and the young lady and her mother agreed.

Tegan's poster designed to help save the Health and Wellbeing Centre

Tegan’s poster designed to help save the Health and Wellbeing Centre

Please click on the link below and add your name to the petition and encourage all your family and friends to do the same. You can read the text of the letter there and it’s great to know that children in Bicester can be inspired to take action on behalf of someone 77 years older. There is such a thing as society so let’s help Tegan to keep the Centre open.

The closing date for the consultation (which has hardly been well publicised), is the 20th December. We’ll send out further information later this week and will be campaigning to keep the Day Centres in the run up to the County Council elections next May.


Tory cuts are stripping our community of vital Health and Social care services. We can’t let this happen.

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