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Sir Tony Baldry will not stand in 2015 General Election because he doesn’t want to be seen as a lame duck

Sir Tony Baldry

Sir Tony Baldry

Sir Tony Baldry announced today (1st Sept 2014) he would not stand at the next General Election and in an interview for BBC Radio Oxford Baldry said, “One of the consequences of now having five-year fixed term Parliaments is that if I succeed in being re-elected at the forthcoming general election, given my age, most people will assume that Parliament will be my last.

“I think this creates a danger that I may be unable to be as effective as I would wish to be; and that the constituency will be distracted from more important issues by the need to choose my successor. I do not want to be seen as a lame duck MP.”


Sean Woodcock, Leader Labour Group Cherwell District Council

Sean Woodcock, Leader Labour Group Cherwell District Council

Banbury Labour’s Parlimentary Candidate says it changes nothing

Asked by BBC Radio Oxford’s Nick Piercey if this was a big shakeup of the local political landscape after Baldry’s 31 years as Banbury’s MP, Labour’s Parliamentary candidate Sean Woodcock said, “It changes nothing – we’ll be going out to win the election as the only credible alternative to the Tories.”

Sean Woodcock continued, “This is a golden opportunity to win the seat following our recent successes in the May 2014 County Council and District Council elections.”

When asked what he thought of Sir Tony as an MP, Sean Woodcock said, “I have a lot of time for him and he is always affable and polite, but many people feel let down by him because of his many outside commercial interests.”

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