Banbury Constituency Labour Party

Statement from Leader Of the Labour Group (Banbury & Bicester CLP) on Boundary changes

“I have no objection to boundaries being looked at to try to make constituencies more equal in size. That’s why I was so disappointed when drawing up boundaries for the Town Council in Banbury, we ended up with a ward having one councillor despite having fewer than 20 residents whilst my own ward has each councillor representing several thousand.

The problem I have is with how this is being done. Clearly there was an upsurge in voter registration ahead of the EU Referendum and these boundaries do not take that into account. And I have a real problem with reducing the number of elected MPs while doing nothing to reduce the size of the overcrowded and inflated but also unelected House of Lords.”

Cllr. Sean Woodcock
Labour Candidate for Banbury Constituency 2015
Leader of the Opposition on Cherwell District Council

Cllr Sean Woodcock

Cllr Sean Woodcock

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