Banbury Constituency Labour Party

Statement on Brexit from Sean Woodcock, leader of the Labour Group on Cherwell District Council

Last week, the PM declared for ‘Hard Brexit’.

45% of trade with our nearest neighbours and relationships with allies put in jeopardy. For what? Yet to be negotiated trade agreements and an end to ‘freedom of movement’. If we don’t get what we want, the Chancellor of the Exchequer will turn us into a tax haven for the same companies who avoid their fair share of taxes anyway. This was a triumph for ideologues on the right over common sense.

We export more to Ireland than to China. More to Belgium than India. More to Sweden than Brazil. We now have a demagogue advocating tariffs, trade wars and protectionism in the White House. Yet we should believe that our future lies in trade deals with emerging markets and America.

Our future is in the hands of someone who says she will cut immigration after 6 years running the Home Office where immigration hit record highs.

What about the £350m a week that our NHS was meant to be getting? Who will pay the pensions of our increasingly aging population if we shut our borders to foreign labour? What about the damage to businesses from years of uncertainty?

Meanwhile, ‘Project Fear’ has in fact become ‘Project Fact’. The value of the pound plummeting.  Inflation rising. Banks extricating themselves from the UK. And we haven’t even left yet.

Britain voted to leave the European Union. It did not vote for Britain to become what it seems imminently about to become.

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