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Steve Uttley uses leafleting as a training workout

Steve Uttley

Steve Uttley

Steve Uttley, Bicester branch member and recent County Council candidate, has revealed, under duress, that he has another major interest in his life other than politics (strange boy)  – he is a walking athlete.  After a day of delivering leaflets, and fending off mad dogs, when all most folks want is a hot cup of tea or a stiff G&T, Steve is just warming up.

What we didn’t know at the time of the May County Council elections was that after trudging the streets of Bicester for three or four hours at a stretch, canvassing and delivering leaflets in that grotty spring weather, he rounded off his days with some serious training. Whilst some of us had our feet up supping our first glass of wine of the evening, slumped on the sofa in front of the box, he was out there pounding the streets again.

After the elections, Steve went off to the European Championships in the Czech republic to race in the 10 km and 30km events. If you didn’t know, the rules of walking specify unbroken contact i.e. the heel has to hit ground before the toe comes off, and with eagle-eyed judges at every turn there is a constant danger of being disqualified. Steve raced clean and in his age group – the over 50’s – he won the bronze medal for the 10kms and on the following day came fourth in the 30kms. Our hero!

Now we have revealed his secret, anyone involved in managing leaflet drops will never be coy in handing Steve the biggest bundle, ever again.

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