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Syria: Banbury MP Baldry votes for military strikes – “Justification incomprehensible”, says critic

“He [David Cameron] behaved like a petulant child”, says Perran Moon in a letter to the Banbury Guardian (12 September).

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Perran Moon

Perran Moon’s letter in full:

Further to your article ‘Baldry: ‘Parliament has given comfort to Tyrants’ (Banbury Guardian, September 5) I find the justification for Sir Tony’s decision to vote for military strikes incomprehensible.

The issue was not whether Britain should support military strikes in Syria; it was whether we should do so before weapon inspectors had the chance to report on the use of chemical weapons and before the UN has been properly consulted. Inspectors were already in Syria finding out whether the terrible chemical weapons attack was actually carried out by official government forces or another group.

Their report was not available to MP’s when Sir Tony voted because David Cameron irresponsibly rushed the Syria debate through a recalled Parliament.

It was equally irresponsible of Sir Tony to vote, on our behalf, in favour of military strikes with such a lack of credible evidence at the time and in the face of overwhelming public opposition to strikes.

Humbled by Parliament there was then absolutely no reason for Mr Cameron to immediately rule out another future vote, should compelling evidence come to light.

Instead he behaved like a petulant child and indefinitely ruled out another future vote. In doing so, it is David Cameron who has ‘given comfort to tyrants’, Sir Tony, and not Parliament.

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