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“The Government is Separating Families”


“The Government is separating families,” Chris Mead told the members of North Oxfordshire Villages at their June meeting.

Chris described the purpose of the Family Immigration Alliance, a blog he set up in 2011, following his own difficulty in gaining a resident visa for his New Zealand wife.  Revised regulations issued by the Government in July 2012 set very high financial thresholds to limit non-British spouses from entry to the UK. No third party may help with funding, and the spouse’s earnings are not included, which means that children are separated from their parents – husbands from wives.  Another harsh rule means that any elderly dependent relative may only enter the UK provided that the resident family cannot care for them, or afford for someone else to care for them, abroad.

Chris recently gave evidence to MPs based on UK ‘sponsors’ in family immigration who had responded to his blog with their own stories.  The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Immigration published their review of the effects of the Government’s new rules on 10 June.  This confirms the already deep concerns:  “These rules appear to have had some perverse outcomes, delaying or preventing some families from living together in the UK where their income and/ or net worth suggests that they would have been far from the need to rely on the state.”  The report calls for review of the Regulations – in particular of the £18,600 earnings level, which is considered discriminatory.

Please support Chris in his campaign.

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