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Tom Watson MP – A Hard Man To Follow

Tom Watson, the controversial Member of Parliament for West Bromwich East, told an audience of more than 80 Labour Party members and friends meeting in Adderbury how he had been tailed for weeks by a man from News International.

He said that this underhand activity followed an order from senior managers “to get the dirt on members of the Culture, Media and Sport Committee” – and how the same man had later provided Tom with information, and told him he had literally been, “a hard man to follow and keep up with”!

Henry Goodman (left), Tom Watson MP, Terry Davis

Henry Goodman (left), Tom Watson MP, Terry Davis

Speaking at the Banbury CLP Supper Club, Tom illustrated how difficult it is to obtain information in the face of powerful opposition and vested interests.  He amused members with anecdotes, but left no one in any doubt that he has earned his fame for persistence in exposing the scandals of phone hacking and child abuse.

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