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Tories trounced in Banbury Ruscote

Mark Cherry_02 croppedCongratulations to Councillor Mark Cherry who won both the Cherwell District Council and Banbury Town Council  by-elections for Labour on 26 September, with 59% of the vote for the District and a splendid 65% of the vote for the Town Council.

Cherwell District 

Banbury Town Council

Labour       758

Tory           323

UKIP          206

 Labour           834

 Tory               409

Thanks to everyone who helped Mark achieve this great victory – his election agent, Terry Davis, and the many ‘foot soldiers’ who delivered leaflets and canvassed tirelessly during the past month. During polling day, members from all parts of the constituency and a couple from Oxford came to help to elect Mark, and we would both like to thank all of them and also thank everyone else who helped during the campaign by canvassing, designing and delivering leaflets, putting into envelopes letters to postal voters and Labour supporters, delivering the letters and organising postal votes, and knocking up our supporters on polling day. It was a multi-faceted and very successful team effort.

Terry Davis

Terry Davis

Thanks also to the voters of Ruscote who have demonstrated again that they are feeling the negative effects of the Government’s flawed policies: the high levels of unemployment – especially of young people, the cuts in services which they need, the bedroom tax which hurts the poorest in their community and the lengthening waiting lists for NHS treatment at the Horton Hospital.

The personal attacks made by the Tory candidate against Mark helped Labour’s campaign.  Local people know that Mark will be an excellent Councillor, representing their interests fairly and working hard for the people of Ruscote.

BanburyGuardianLogoOur local paper, don’t you love ’em, can’t avoid the cliche. Read “Ruscote Ward Goes Red” with pride.

John Howarth, Anneliese Dodds and Mark Cherry

John Howarth, Anneliese Dodds and Mark Cherry

Mark celebrates with Euro candidates John Howarth and Anneliese Dodds at Supper Club 28 September 2013


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