Banbury Constituency Labour Party

Voting Green will help the Tories, says Sean Woodcock

“I will oppose fracking in North Oxfordshire, which is bad for the environment, and campaign on this and other ‘green’ policies for Banbury and Bicester”, Labour’s parliamentary candidate, Sean Woodcock, told members at a meeting in Bicester this week, “but I will also do my best to discourage people from voting for the Green Party in the May elections”.

“Voting for the Green Party candidate will just help the Tories to get back in Westminster, which is not what people like us, who care about the future of our planet want. I too, like the Greens, want to relieve the private sector of their ham-fisted management of the railways and bring them back into public ownership.

Reckless Policies

“People need to know that in other areas of policy the Greens are reckless. Their proposals would leave our country at risk from attack because not only do they want to scrap Trident, but they also plan to scrap the armed forces – and have even said they would end border controls on immigration!

”Can anyone genuinely believe that these Green policies will make us safer? “, Sean asked.

Don’t waste your vote!

“Labour is promising to tackle the inequality which sees the richest 10% possessing half the country’s wealth, we promise to protect the NHS, take action on climate change and restore our prosperity. Only a Labour victory can ensure these things happen.

“That is why I hope that people will not waste their vote on the Greens.”

5 February 2015

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