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Banbury & Bicester Labour Party hold public meeting to debate EU Referendum (26 May 2016)

With only 4 weeks to go to the EU Referendum, Banbury Labour Party have invited Lord Stewart Wood, a Labour member of the House of Lords and an Oxford academic, to address a public meeting in support of the Labour In For Britain campaign.

Lord Wood

Lord Stewart Wood

The meeting is free and open to the public, and is being held at the Cornhill Centre, Castle Street, Banbury, this Thursday 26 May at 8pm.

Lord Wood who is a former government advisor on European policy said, “I’ve spoken across the country in support of the case for Britain to stay in the European Union. The decision we make on June 23 will have lasting significance for all of us in this country, and I passionately believe that our prosperity, influence & security will be greater if we vote to remain.”

Sean Woodcock, Leader of the Labour Group on Cherwell Council says, ” As someone firmly in favour of Britain remaining a member of the European Union, I am very excited that Lord Wood will be visiting Banbury and putting that case to local residents. I hope that people, who may think they know how they intend to vote or may still be undecided, will take the time to come and listen.”

Lord Wood continued, “I’m going to make the case for remaining in the EU based on our economic, security and wider international interests. I want to look at the evidence for both the Leave & Remain arguments, and talk about how I think it would be a mistake for Britain to think it can meet the main challenges that face us in the coming decades by withdrawing from, rather than engaging with, our European allies in the EU.”

Labour Councillor’s safety concerns after chicanes are removed from Bankside

Mark Cherry_Bankside Chicane_04Labour County Councillor Mark Cherry has been consulting with residents and working with Oxfordshire County Council officers to ensure that safety won’t be compromised following a decision to remove four chicanes from Bankside to accommodate increased traffic as a result of the Longford Park development.

Labour Councillor Mark Cherry says, ‘A new roundabout is being constructed at the Oxford Road flyover to provide access to Bankside for the 600 new homes in Longford Park. The chicanes have to go and of all the traffic calming options available I have suggested road cushions, which allow large vehicles and emergency vehicles free movement but slow down car users.

Sarah and Mick Allen, residents of Badger Way, think road cushions are a good idea. Mick Allen says, “ A couple of months ago there was an accident as a car approached a chicane too fast, and to avoid crashing into the car in front swerved off the road into a hedge. Luckily no one was hurt.”

Sarah Allen says, “At the moment traffic backs up at the chicanes especially at around 3.30pm for the school run and it will be even worse with the Longford Park development. Road cushions are good because motorists don’t want to damage their cars and will slow down.”

Mark Cherry says, “We are near an agreement to replace the four chicanes with road cushions and the full cost is expected to be met from Longford Park ‘Section106’ money. Section 106 is a contractual agreement between the council and developers, which require the developers to provide a benefit to the community, like new roads or road improvements.”

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The Banbury Labour Party constituency is divided into 3 Branches:

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To work out in which Branch you live, see the constituency map.Since May 2010 your local Labour Party has been actively campaigning against the speed and scale of cuts to public services that are affecting the most vulnerable in our local communities. These include cuts to housing, transport services, policing, libraries, health and social care.The Conservative-led Coalition cuts go too far and too fast and, through increased unemployment, low paid jobs, many with zero hour contracts, there is a highly negative effect on the economy which although showing some small signs of recovery is still extremely fragile. There are almost a million young people unemployed which is a shocking statistic. As the burden on state services from cost of living crisis increases, the budget deficit becomes harder to reduce. The Banbury Labour Party is fighting for a strategy for growth, an increase in employment and better paid jobs, and reducing the deficit through this growth, rather than excessive cuts.