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‘A Proud Record of Welcoming Immigrants to Banbury’ – Labour’s PPC Sean Woodcock

Sean Woodcock, Banbury & Bicester's Parliamentary Candidiate

Sean Woodcock, Banbury & Bicester’s Parliamentary Candidiate

“Immigration is important for Britain’s future and here in Banbury we have a record to be proud of.” Sean Woodcock, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate, told Party Members this week.

“Immigrants make a huge contribution to our society.*  I am proud of our diverse and outward-facing town, where people have come from abroad over many generations to build businesses, work in our public services and contribute to our community.

“Our NHS depends on doctors and nurses from overseas as any visit to the Horton Hospital will show you.”  Sean continued, “We must not scapegoat other people because of their nationality.

“But immigration is an important issue. That’s why it needs to be properly controlled and properly managed. We need to ensure that the Border Agency is properly funded, and we need to encourage integration and not segregation. That includes making sure that people working in public services can speak English.

We must also tackle the exploitation that often accompanies immigration. That means strengthening minimum wage laws to stop unscrupulous employers undercutting the wages of local workers. And we should ban employment agencies who recruit exclusively from abroad.

“Finally, we need local and national government to properly invest in the jobs, housing, schools, hospitals and infrastructure that we all need.”

*Research Confirms Sean’s Views:  

UK gains £20 billion from European migrants.

Tax payments by European migrants far outweigh welfare:

European migrants to the UK are not a drain on Britain’s finances and pay out far more in taxes than they receive in state benefits, a new study has revealed.  The research by two leading migration economists at University College also reveals that Britain is uniquely successful in attracting the most highly skilled and highly educated migrants in Europe

It says that European migrants made a net contribution of £20 billion to UK public finances between 2000 and 2011. Those from the 15 countries which made up the EU before 2004, including France, Germany, Italy and Spain, contributed 64%  (£15 billion more in taxes than they received in welfare) while east European migrants contributed 12%, equivalent to £5 billion more.       (source: The Guardian)

See more about Sean’s views on  his Blog:  Sean4MP

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