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Banbury & Bicester Labour Party – 2017 Oxfordshire County Council Elections – All the results

Banbury and Bicester Labour Party hold Grimsbury & Castle and Ruscote

Congratulations to Hannah Banfield and Mark Cherry who won seats at the County Council elections held yesterday (4 May 2017).

Hannah said, “I’m proud and excited to be able to represent all residents of Grimsbury. I thank my team; Andy, Helen and David, and all those who supported me through the campaign to retain the seat for Labour. I will now start the fight for the reinstatement of the Grimsbury bus service whose loss has been one of the most important issues for our community.”

Hannah Banfield and Mark Cherry at the count in Abingdon

Hannah Banfield and Mark Cherry at the count


Mark said, “It is a massive honour today to be elected county councillor for Banbury Ruscote. Eight months of hard work has paid off and I will now move forward and lobby the county council to repair the many intolerable side roads in Ruscote, but most of all, be a strong voice at the county council against any further cuts to acute services at the Horton Hospital.”

With all votes counted it looks like the Conservatives are one seat short of an overall majority.

Election results by party
Party name Seats won % of votes
The Conservative Party Candidate 31 41%
Liberal Democrats 13 25%
Labour Party 11 17%
Independent 4 3%
Labour & Co-operative Party 3 4%
Henley Residents Group 1 < 1%
Green Party 0 7%
UK Independence Party (UKIP) 0 < 1%
Turnout: 33%



Banbury Grimsbury & Castle
Election Candidate Party Votes %
Hannah Louise Banfield Labour Party 1098 48% Elected
Paul Austin Sargent The Conservative Party Candidate 819 36%
Dave Wiles Liberal Democrats 148 6%
Jason Williams UK Independence Party (UKIP) 113 5%
Jack Arthur Barton Green Party 101 4%
Hannah's Grimsbury team: Andy and Helen

Hannah’s Grimsbury team: Andy and Helen


Banbury Ruscote
Mark David Cherry Labour & Co-operative Party 1194 58% Elected
David Frederick Beverly The Conservative Party Candidate 574 28%
Linda Michelle Wren UK Independence Party (UKIP) 125 6%
Bette Melling Liberal Democrats 86 4%
Christopher John Manley Green Party 68 3%

Our commiserations to Joe Walsh (Banbury Calthorpe) and Surinder Dhesi (Banbury Hardwick) who fought hard campaigns, with Surinder losing by only 55 votes.

Banbury Calthorpe
Eddie Reeves The Conservative Party Candidate 1294 52% Elected
Joe Walsh Labour & Co-operative Party 825 33%
Brent Jackson Liberal Democrats 213 9%
Bernard Geoffrey Dod Green Party 134 5%

Banbury Hardwick
Tony Ilott The Conservative Party Candidate 1131 43% Elected
Surinder Dhesi Labour & Co-operative Party 1076 41%
Alistair Charles Craig Liberal Democrats 165 6%
Sara Louise Corr UK Independence Party (UKIP) 148 6%
Andy Aris Green Party 97 4%
Surinder Dhesi

Surinder Dhesi

Surinder said, “I want to thank everyone who supported me through the campaign, and to tell everybody that I won’t give in and will continue to support the people of Banbury. I’ll be focussing my efforts, like Mark, to tackle the shocking state of our roads, but also to improve services for the elderly in our community.




Bicester Town
Michael Frederick Waine The Conservative Party Candidate 1454 61% Elected
Sarah Elizabeth Haydon Labour Party 585 25%
Robert Joseph Nixon Green Party 176 7%
Conor McKenzie Liberal Democrats 166 7%

Bicester North
Lawrie Stratford The Conservative Party Candidate 1302 55% Elected
Margaret Elizabeth Lyon Labour Party 535 23%
Daniel Morgan Murphy Liberal Democrats 358 15%
Bob Massingham UK Independence Party (UKIP) 161

Bicester West
Les Sibley Independent 1559 63% Elected
Debbie Pickford The Conservative Party Candidate 452 18%
Chris Howells Labour Party 270 11%
Chris Tatton Liberal Democrats 74 3%
Toni Renee Harris UK Independence Party (UKIP) 68 3%
Liz Taylor Green Party 58 2%

Dan Sames The Conservative Party Candidate 1693 61% Elected
Michael Nixon Labour Party 473 17%
Liz Barker Liberal Democrats 369 13%
Roger David Nixon Green Party 235 8%

Ian Corkin The Conservative Party Candidate 1395 51% Elected
Catherine Ann Fulljames Independent 637 23%
Steven John Uttley Labour Party 245 9%
Dillie Keane Liberal Democrats 228 8%
Jenny Tamblyn Green Party 135 5%
Dickie Bird UK Independence Party (UKIP) 122 4%


Bloxham & Easington
Kieron Paul Mallon The Conservative Party Candidate 1744 61% Elected
Susan Christie Labour Party 587 20%
Peter Davis Liberal Democrats 239 8%
Non Wyn Kinchin-Smith Green Party 174 6%
Brian Crockett UK Independence Party (UKIP) 126 4%

Arash Ali Fatemian The Conservative Party Candidate 2154 58% Elected
Annette Murphy Labour Party 509 14%
Ian Richard Thomas Liberal Democrats 451 12%
Aaron James Bliss Green Party 434 12%
Alan Paul Harris UK Independence Party (UKIP) 146 4%

Wroxton & Hook Norton
George Anthony Reynolds The Conservative Party Candidate 2477 65% Elected
Anne Felicia Cullen Labour Party 569 15%
Julian Woodward Liberal Democrats 500 13%
Shaun Edward Greenslade-Hibbert Green Party 249 7%

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